Rewriting Histories

George Takei: Big Think

The short video above by George Takei hits a strong resonance to me. He voiced a resounding warning, a reminder that history does not necessarily have to repeat itself by learning from our pasts, to watch for the signs, and stand up for what we think are injustices before it gets too big for us to handle.

As an immigrant myself who came in through the channels of USCIS, I do admit feeling some reservations regarding the undocumented immigrants. I am not saying they should “go back” or that they have no right to live and earn a livelihood here. However I do think that there is a definite difference of experience: my father came here and my grandparents did through the legitimate means, worked hard to do the same legitimately. The undocumented migrants have most likely suffered a unique, yet similar ordeals and challenges. But it does remain that there is indeed a difference, between responsibilities and rights of someone who has been recognized to be a citizen and the ones who are not.

However that does not mean that sending undocumented immigrants back is the only, ultra important “final solution” before we enforce another nation, complete with its own laws and culture, to build a wall preventing their land entry. Mind you, we are also just singling out one “brown” neighbor. 

The diatribe of the ever increasing media attention from the extremists, who gives promises but no actual show of at least the means to achieve their publicly intended ends, shown to an audience tired of unemployment, underemployment, hungry for a little piece of privilege to show is a dangerous mix. With many social issues off the government table, we are left to tackle the next big thing that many politicians have avoided all these years: another huge immigration reform.

As an Asian American who brushed some off her history books off regarding my own immigration history, it is very frightening what media can be responsible for. “The yellow devil”, the WW2 internment camps, just to name a few. We should attempt to rewrite history, make sure that we do not fall again into the lull of politicians making promises of segregation to promote the so called safety net that didn’t exist in the first place. There are better ways to tackle immigration reforms, and in the midst of the campaign for the next president, it is more important to take all zealous siren songs with a grain of salt.


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